We at Riley Services are skilled in a number of areas that will be beneficial to your company. Building maintenance, suspended ceilings, raised floors, partitioning, decorating, floor coverings, general building work, office reorganization; including moving of furniture and equipment etc, delivery and removal of important, delicate, and valuable articles. 

About Riley services
Riley  Services has been established for 35 years, It is a family run business that prides itself on the long standing relationship it has maintained with one of Liverpool's largest employers.

How to Contact Us

Telephone: 0151 222 0193
Fax: 0151 287 4406
Mobile: 07958 386543

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About BDJR Computers
An affiliate of Riley Services, Based in Liverpool on Merseyside and established in 1996, All our business comes from enthusiastic referrals,
We believe that by repeatedly delighting our existing customers with the same level of quality we can provide the best service.

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